Prakritik Arogyashram provides special educational services for children with disabilities like orthopedically handicapped, mentally retarded and hearing disabilities.

How we intermingle with the children?  children as normal person. Even we advice them to behave like normal people so, that at latter stage in life they won't feel different from other people.
How we counseled? Every week we take interview with each child. We discuss problems if any, they are facing and try to sort it there or in the next meeting of the staff members. We try to change their view about the life they think and observe.
What about the study? Special trained teachers in HH and MH category of disability teach them. These special teachers are degree/ diploma holders in respective subjects. Their way of teaching is unique and specific so that HH and MH children could learn and grasp it quickly and efficiently. We have graduates teachers for OH category children.
What about health related? We keep one doctor on part time basis. He visits the campus regularly and in emergency. To look and feel, fresh and fit daily yoga class is being conducted early in the morning. We give more stress over neatness and cleaness. Daily bath is compulsory. Dress are washed everyday. Sweepers clean the toilets twice a day. We keep the environment neat and clean.
What about the diet? Maids/Servents prepare breakfast/lunch/snacks and dinner as per menu. On special occasion special food is served.
How activities are monitored? We monitor the activities very closely. We do inspection at any time. This is done to check whether all things are on the track or not. Educator is teaching or passing time. We try to frame new strategy and policey if the current strategy fails.
How we create interest in studies? We never force them to open book and study. We generate interest towards it in different manners like
 (a) By celebrating festivals in different occassions and teaching the importance of it. Like Gandhi Jyanti, Independence Day, Republic Day.
 (b) By organizing functions and play. Like we split children into groups and assigning one role to each group.
 (c) By awarding talented children.
 (d) By organizing singing and dance competition.
 (e) By practically involving them in gardening and then telling the importance of trees and plants.
 (f) By watching educational movies and TV channels.
 (g) By playing mind wash indoor games (like Ludo, Chess, Carom board etc.) and outdoor games.
Dress coding? All of them put on uniform clothing according to season.

Yoga & Naturopathy  hospital is running since 1961. Our mission is to propagate and practice Naturopathy in far flung areas.
Patients come from throughout state and neighbouring state like West-Bengal, Uttar-Pradesh, Jharkhand etc.
People has started feeling that yogic practice is helping them to develop voluntary control over their autonomic nervous system, providing stability of autonomic balance stress, producing a relative hyper metabolic state, improving their thermoregulation efficency, body flexibility and improving adaptability to environmental stress and cognitive functions such as concentration, memory, learning etc.
Diseases which we have successfully treated through Yoga and Naturopathy are the followings:-
Amoebiasis     Anxiety Neurosis     Arthritis
Anemia                         Diabetes                          Back pain
Constipation                   Epilepsy                        Depression
Gastritis                           Hemiplegia                   Hypertension    
Obesity                         Postural defects           Ulcer
Skin diseases      Insomnia