Alpha Dog Games is a video game development company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Founded in 2012 by veterans of Microsoft, EA, and THQ with over 29 years experience, Jeff Cameron and Shawn Woods have developed or lead blockbuster franchises including “Homefront,” “Company of Heroes,” “Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War”, “Space Marine” and “Wing Commander.” Both start-up and big-studio savvy, this multi-talented team has worked for the biggest names in the industry and have shipped more than 50 games.

Jeff Cameron
Founder / Development Director, 15 Years
Jeff is a 15-year veteran of the video-game industry, working primarily as a software engineer. He has created games for both the indie scene and big publishers such as Microsoft, THQ, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, HBO and 2K. His experience in leading teams through development contracts has earned him a reputation for delivering high quality games on time and budget. He began his entertainment career in the television industry as a character and FX animator, skills he utilizes at Alpha Dog along with his programming background.

Shawn Woods
Founder / Creative Director, 14 Years
Shawn has been in the interactive and games industry for 14 years developing across multiple platforms for the PC, Console, Mobile, Tablet, Online, and Television Broadcasting. He has been involved in every aspect of art from direction to creation with Microsoft, Relic Entertainment and social startup company Fit Brains as creative director. An award-winning artist for both 3D and design, his role at Alpha Dog spans social media marketing, art direction, and specializing in 3D art, video editing, and UI/UX design.