"Insure Your Buildings Against High Utility Energy Costs & Prepare for California's mandatory ZERO NET ENERGY !"

Alpha Energy Management Provides a Full Holistic Approach to Clean & Sustainable Energy using the combination of Solar, Battery Storage & other Energy Efficiency Measures Solutions to help prepare for California's ZERO NET ENERGY (ZNE) mandate.

Alpha Energy Management Inc. (AEM Inc.), a Sunpower Commerical Elite Partner Dealer, headquartered in Fremont, California, is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Alpha Energy Management Inc. established in 2001, which initially was part of the Company Society of Myn Tahl Corporation and I-Mobil that focused on the Telecom sector and Electronic components manufacturing.   Their support of AEM Inc. in finance, logistics, and sourcing has helped later to launch AEM Inc. in 2010, concentrating only on Renewable Energy &  Energy Efficiency Solutions for Non-Profit & Commercial Clients.   Founder and CEO, Rachel Xu of AEM Inc. is one of the very few women-owned businesses that are knowledgeable and experienced in Solar & Renewable Energy development. AEM Inc's primary focus is concentrating on the Commercial Solar, Energy Storage & other Energy Efficiency Measures in the West Coast, by providing a total "Holistic Green Sustainability Approach."  

AEM Inc. is helping Commercial, Industrial, Non-Profits & Agricultural clients create Lower Operating Costs and Increase Profit Margins by offering the combination of  Solar, Battery Storage, HVAC, LED" s & other Energy Efficiency Solutions for Commercial Buildings, Multi-Family Buildings a "One Stop Energy Management Solution."  "Creating  Energy Insurance Plans for Buildings Against High Utility Energy Costs with a complete Holistic Overview Approach," by performing Free Energy Feasibility Study of their Buildings & Properties.

We care about the "Entire Energy Efficiency" of the building you own. AEM Inc. can also provide funding options with "No Upfront Cost" for the Solar and other upgrades as Battery Storage, HVAC, LED's, EV's, (Cool)Rooftop, & Energy Efficiency Measures for your Facilities. Plus, take advantage of the Federal ITC 30% credit, accelerated depreciation & other rebates.  
Now you will save money, control costs, and have your very own Green Renewable Energy Power Plant providing Electricity at no charge. Your building will increase in value. Note: Federal ITC 26% Credit will be reduced and expired by the end of 2020!  

Wrap all the upgrades you need into an Alpha Energy System at no cost.
Pay for the Electricity generated by Solar.
Save because this will be cheaper than your current utility bill.
The building upgrade costs are now in your new monthly payment.
Recommended Energy Efficiency Measures Audit if needed.
PV Solar System
Commercial Battery Storage
EV Charging Stations
New Building (Cool) Roof
HVAC Air-conditioning
LED Lighting
Back-up Power Generators
Building improvements.


For those businesses or organizations who cannot purchase the system upon installation with cash, other financing options can enable companies to reap the environmental,
social and financial benefits of solar—sometimes without putting a penny down.
However, there are long-term tradeoffs to consider.

CASH: In purchasing the system upfront, the business reaps
the full benefits of savings on electricity bills, tax reduction, and hedging
against inflation. However, owning the solar installation does mean that the company is responsible for all maintenance on the system.

LOANS: Paying with a loan also ensures that the benefits of
utility bill savings, lower taxes, and inflation hedging accrue to the
business. A credit will result in less cash being paid upfront for the solar
installation, at the expense of interest accruing over the loan's duration.
However, the interest payments on the loan are typically lower than the savings
on the electricity bill, making this an attractive financing mechanism.
Furthermore, interest paid in a solar loan is a tax-deductible event.

LEASE & PPA's: Leases and PPAs are unique in that the business does not own the PV system. Instead, the system is owned by a third party that sells the Electricity produced by the system to a Funding company. With a lease, the company pays a fixed monthly amount for the right to use the PV system. With a PPA, the company purchases the power generated by the system at a
pre-determined price per unit of energy the system produces ($/kWh). This lease
payment, or the PPA rate, is often lower than the businesses' bill savings or
the prevailing utility rate, respectively. PPA's allow companies to save money
on their electricity bills, and they do not have to worry about maintaining the

Please visit AEM's website at www.AlphaEnergyInc.com.