We are a Veteran owned company dedicated to the welfare of your family and
business.  Alpha K9 sets itself apart of all competition by focusing on the individual
needs of the customer by providing consultation services to established canine
training programs and law enforcement agencies in order to advance the skills of
their dogs and handlers.  Alpha K9 also provides a professional result producing
environment for the behavior modification and training of all forms of dogs for
families and corporations.

Kevin Cameron owns and operates his company only hiring highly skilled and
proven trainers that have the ability to conduct one-on-one training with
dogs, handlers and families across the state in order to produce the customers’
desired results.  Alpha K9 stands behinds the quality of their training
and services for the life of the dog.

Dog obedience for families is focused toward the children giving them the ability to
effectively control and train their dog with help from adults so that
the dog may become a part of the entire family’s day to day lives and becoming the
best friend to everyone in the home.
Dogs training for dogs and handlers will be provided for anyone with any skill level
wishing to train or handle any form of service dog or protection dog.  
Training will be tailored toward the individual needs of the customer and the abilities
of the dog.