Who We Are
Alpha-Wise is your direct connection to those in the US Military, Government, and Private Industry in charge of acquisition, procurement, services, testing, and decision making power. Alpha-Wise uses our established rolodex of over 25,000 solid contacts to ensure your message gets to where it needs to go.

Why Use Us?
Alpha-Wise uses Permission Marketing for our communications.

“ Permission marketing is the opposite of interruption marketing; instead of interrupting the target audience with unrequested information, permission marketing aims to sell goods and services only when the prospect gives consent in advance to receive the marketing information.

That means is we already have permission to communicate with our contacts, avoiding the dreaded “SPAM” or “Do not call” lists. Our messages get through to the point person our clients’ want to reach.

What We Offer
Alpha-Wise offers you no wasted time or energy. With our rolodex consisting of the top tier level guys, from Military personnel from rank of O-5 and up to Senior Program Managers, Directors, CTOs, CFOs, CEOs, COOs; directly introducing you to who you want and need to meet. No hassles of going through this person or that person to get to who you need to get to. Thus saving you lots of time and money…something we are all short of these days.
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