We take pride in our ability to bring order to chaos and tangible results to difficult circumstances.

We help you answer one of the biggest questions in cyber security – “where do I start?”  For some reason, the industry has overly complicated cyber security, making it difficult to know where to begin.  The industry can’t even agree if “cyber security” is one or two words :) For instance, the following hyped, popular, and often ineffective “solutions” offer very little security, especially when used without a holistic strategy:

- “NG” security appliances.  What does Next Generation mean anyway? Does a NG Firewall at the perimeter add any value when the greatest risk facing your organization is infections from removable media?
- Penetration tests.  If you don’t know your own environment is there any benefit to a penetration test against your network?  Most organizations do not “know thyself”.  Knowing authorized assets (hardware and software) is a critical first step.  Skipping this step makes other efforts a costly and futile exercise.
- Compliance Audits.  Compliance audits provide a false sense of security.  Compliance should be treated as part of an overall cyber security strategy, based on risk.  Home Depot, Target, etc., were all certified PCI compliant…

Like most endeavors in life, implementing solutions without a strategy provides little benefit and leaves you guessing if the solution has helped any.  Often, the best place to start is with a holistic approach, such as our Enterprise Security Analysis, based on the CIS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense.  We want to be your trusted advisor and help you make wise decisions.  Our tailored solutions provide strategy and remove guesswork.

Our solutions range from compliance audits to malware analysis training.  Once we understand your needs we offer a custom, à la carte, solution.