Alta Data Technologies LLC is a company dedicated to providing the best possible avionics products and service in the Aerospace Industry.

Over the past two decades, Alta senior engineers and managers have successfully followed a simple formula that focuses on the customer.  

Provide the Best Possible Technical Sales - You should not need to call around to 3 different people to get a technical answer or wait days for a quote. We want to answer your questions on the first phone call or email - information should be accessible 24-hours on our web site (and it should be easy to navigate). Our sales and service goals are to respond within 4-8 business hours.
Design the Most Technically Advanced Products and Build with the Best Possible Quality Processes - Design the product with the latest, portable technologies, rigorously test it, manufacture the product to highest quality standards and proven ISO-9001 certified processes.We back this up with our 5 year limited warranty – best in the industry.

Provide the Best Possible Technical Support and Customer Service - Although we try to plan ahead and design our products to integrate easily, questions and issues come-up. The key is to answer questions in a timely manner and to solve problems as quickly as possible. Our products will not be perfect, but it is how a company responds that makes a difference. You will talk with the lead engineers and managers to get any problems resolved immediately. We do not want a single unsatisfied customer.