We are specialists for all types of Alterations, Tailoring, Draperies and Upholstery. We are one of Arizona’s leading providers of garment re-styling and dressmaking services and have been for over 20 years.

Personal Service

Since 1986, Alterations Inc has served the tailoring, alterations and dressmaking needs of hundreds of Arizonans just like you. We operate as a fully staffed team of experts with a focus on personal service. This focus on quality and personal service has been bringing men, women and entire families back, for generations.

Services include:
Alterations • Dressmaking • Tailoring • Draperies • Leather & Fur •

Repairs & Mending • Patches • Professional and Military Uniforms • Custom Upholstery

We alter, repair, restyle and re-size clothing for men women and business partners. We also perform the alteration and tailoring of business and casual clothing, including:

• Dresses and Skirts
• Slacks, Pants, Trousers and Shorts
• Suits, Jackets, Shirts and Blouses
• Mending, repairs, reconditioning and patches
• Gis and Do Boks
• Jeans buttons, hem, zippers and patching
• Bathing Suits
• Leather and Furs
• Costumes
• Copying a favorite garment
• Draperies, Curtains & Valances
• Bedding, Throw Pillows & Linens
• Tablecloths & Napkins
• Items for Your Home, RV, Boat or Yacht
• Police, fire, EMS, military, private school, commercial uniforms & clerical robes

Altering, designing and custom fitting formalwear is one of our specialties. Others include:

• Bridal Gowns & Wedding Dresses, veils and headpieces
• Bridesmaid Dresses
• Mother of, Bride or Groom, Dresses

• Flower Girl Dresses

• Prom Dresses
• First Communion Dresses
• Quinceanera Dresses
• Resizing


• Hem and Seam Repair
• Buttons, Hooks and Eyes, or Snaps - Replace or Re-attach
• Buttonholes - Make or Repair
• Zippers – Replace or Repair
• Linings - Replace or Repair
• Sleeves and Hems - Shorten or Lengthen
• Pockets - Replace or Repair
• Shoulder Pads and Dress Shields - Add, Replace or Remove
• Beadwork - Replace or Repair
• Jeans Patching and repairs

Upholstery and re-upholstery of antiques, collectables, heirlooms, favorite pieces, boat, RV, Cars…