We offer consulting services in the areas of research and evaluation, campaign design, and creative services. For the public and non-profit sectors, we provide research and campaign services. For all other sectors, we provide design consulting.

1. Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
Projects based on sound research stand the best chance of success. At AlterSpark, we offer a range of research services and partner with methodological and substantive specialists to collaborate on large projects. Substantively, we are experienced in the fields of eHealth, international development, environmental protection, public campaigning, and social marketing. Methodologically, our research skills range from participatory methods to social scientific approaches. We are strong in the area of online research methods. Additionally, we have substantial experience evaluating large-scale social change campaigns. Depending on your needs, we can tailor innovative research solutions that strike the right balance between your desired level of validity and budget.

There are three major types research that correspond with a project's lifecycle stage. We provide research services across all three types of research. The first stage, where formative research occurs, takes place when designing a program, campaign, or intervention. In this stage, research is commonly directed to understanding the nature of a project, its context, target audiences, competitive environment, and different implementation options. In the second stage, when the project is being implemented, it is common to monitor progress and collect feedback in order to help organizations make corrective decisions along the way. The third stage occurs after a project has been completed. This is the point when project evaluation occurs, when organizations seek to assess the impact of their project and to learn from their experience.

2. Campaigns and Engagement
We help clients engage their target audiences. We are experienced in the design, management, and evaluation of citizen engagement campaigns that range from local grassroots interventions to massive global campaigns. We offer consulting services in the area of campaign research, strategy, planning, and project management. Depending on your stage, we can guide you through the process of planning new campaigns or re-evaluating and rethinking existing ones. Our expertise draws on a decade of work and research on non-profit online campaigning. We specialize in combined online-offline behavioural change intervention planning.

3. Creative Solutions
We offer a range of creative services in the areas of graphic design and branding. However, our speciality is online design. Our creative expertise draws on over ten years design experience, which includes our Creative Director's experience designing online promotions for numerous top brands. Our approach is highly consultative. In general, we prefer to invest time with clients up-front, to understand their needs, discuss conceptual options, offer design variations, and then select and refine the final design direction. We are comfortable scaling our services to small or large projects. For small projects, we can guide you through an iterative process to help identify your design needs and visions. For large projects, we may need to develop a customized project framework that could include consultations, research, mock-up discussions, and sign-off procedures.