Altibbi.com is the largest and most comprehensive medical and health portal in Arabic language.  Having a huge gap in the Arab World, between doctors trained in English or other foreign languages and the Arabic speaking population has led to an immense lack of knowledge in health issues. Altibbi.com aims at bridging this gap and providing the Arab individual the tools to better understand health topics and act towards leading a healthier life physically and psychologically.

Altibbi.com offers many services to its visitors from the first ever Arabic-Arabic- English medical dictionary, the Q&A and articles among other things. Altibbi.com constitutes an excellent tool for health providers and medical manufacturers to reach their target markets easily and effectively. It provides the tool and the mediums to interact with people hungry for quality information about their health.

Altibbi.com was launched in Nov. 2008 and has already reached 200,000 visitors monthly, 20,000 registered members and 18,000 posts from these members.  This steep growth shows the need for such information in Arabic.