100% Alton Towers Resort has existed since 2003 and is dedicated to providing visitors with the latest Alton Towers news, offers, information & more.

After several years of various designs & content from a variety of different contributers, during 2007 work on the site stopped as it was deemed to be too time-consuming if it were to only duplicate what other unofficial Alton Towers websites were doing.

Then in early 2008 it was brought back to life with a focus on Alton Towers offers, as offers for tickets & hotels were being made available across the internet but there was no other website available that featured them all. After a modest start, the website became increasingly popular over the 2008 season, with over 15,000 unique visitors and over 750,000 hits received during 2008. During this time the website established itself as being the best source for Alton Towers offers, saving it's visitors thousands of pounds on their visits to Alton Towers.

2009 built on the previous years success with the introduction of a 'Live Help' feature, where visitors could chat to an Alton Towers expert in real-time who would advise them on the best deals for their visit. A number of popular offers, such as 2 for 1 Hotel Nights and 50% off Theme Park tickets, helped visitors to save tens of thousands of pounds during the year, with at one point the site saving visitors over £1,000 a day. Over 40,000 unique visitors (easily enough to fill the entire Theme Park) generated almost 2,000,000 hits over the course of the year.

Towards the end of 2009 it was quickly becoming apparent that the exisiting website design & structure was ineffective in delivering the increasing number of offers, content and special sections that was now required of it. Over the 2009/2010 closed season, a newer, cleaner and bigger website was created, once again establishing 100% Alton Towers Resort as the online destination to visit before a magical trip to Alton Towers.

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