Shandong Longkou Conglin/MIW Carbody System Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of key susidiaries in Conglin Group which is one of national enterprises. Longkou Conglin/MIW Carbody System Engineering Co.,Ltd is famous aluminum profiles production base which was built in 2003. Now Longkou CBSE Co,.Ltd has possessed 660MT, 880MT, 1800MT, 3000MT, 3600MT, 4400MT, 4500MT, 5600MT, 8000MT, 10000MT in total 20 extrude machines. The industrial profiles we manufactured are uesd in train, metro, maglev train, box van.High voltage switch aluminum alloy pipe(Φ50—Φ580), seamless aluminum pipe(Φ200-Φ400), aluminum billet(Φ50—Φ450), container profiles, aluminum alloy van profiles, motor shell, GIS pressure shell, high-speed train conductor rail, aluminum alloy cylinder body(Φ50-400mm), hydraulic pressure profiles, midheaven spindle-shaped awning blind(172、300、301、360、400、450、600、1300) and so on. Our products have famous in America, Japan, Canada, England, Netherland, Spain, Denmark and so on. On aluminum alloy, we have obtained more than 100 national patent; and been awarded “natioanal inspection exemption product”,”Shandong Famous Brand”.
Contact : Zhao Songbo
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