We put love at the center of everything we do. We use heart centered methodologies to activate, engage and produce content. Our motto is All Systems LOVE!

We incubate diverse film, media, tech and social justice works that demonstrate love in action through our Mels Love Land collective which includes; film, art, talks, love, activism, screenings, actions, master minding, sacred ceremony, energy healing work and practice 100 Day love and affirmation process sprints to fuel and nourish the heart of all our productions.


We’ve got some smart mofos over here who practice the work of the heart. We apply a discipline of love to every thought. We know how powerful our thoughts are in creating. Everyday our imaginations fuel new worlds, new ideas and it is a privilege to work with our collaborators as we watch miracles flow.


The lightning bolt infuses our all sytems love creative process. We embrace remembering and recovering what unites us, and celebrate our evolution into the future: A future rich in possibilities, where art meets spirit, where commerce and courage in story telling flourishes and love always leads the way.


We tell wonderful stories.

We love raising our voices in harmony.

We put love in action.

We expect miracles.

Work with us.

Reach out at our contact page to engage in a working relationship with us.

Always Alice was founded in 2007 by screenwriter Melanie Lutz with a commitment to the creative expression of the authentic self in all its forms.