The Rite Bite DBA Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies is a Columbus-based, woman owned, minority business enterprise established in 1995 as a nutrition consulting company. The company’s Founder and CEO, Ms. Kay Lakhi, MS, LRDN, NHA has over three decades of experience in various healthcare settings and is the driving force behind the company’s steady growth.

As a Midwestern family-owned business that believes in hard work and high standards, our mission began with an earnest desire to help individuals in the community live healthier lives through balanced nutrition. Over the years, the company’s strong roots in nutrition and dietetics has empowered thousands of individuals and families to change their lives in positive ways.

Since its inception, the company has steadily expanded its expertise in order to reach more people and transform more lives. Alyfe has become a leader in corporate wellbeing services, with the capability to deliver a comprehensive suite of programs aimed at improving workforce productivity.

At Alyfe, we take a whole-person approach to wellbeing and deliver programming that enhances the health and happiness of individuals. We deploy strategy, programming and tools that help individuals and organizations reach their full potential. We care deeply, think before we act, and ambitiously promote the wellbeing of individuals with education, support and innovation.

Our diverse range of products enable organizations to focus on the holistic and integrated wellbeing of employees including physical, emotional, social, career and fiscal aspects. Our mission is to care for employees, organizations and communities you call home.

The name ‘Alyfe’ signifies the transformation that happens when one finds the ‘Y’ in life. It represents the pursuit of wellbeing in all its forms. As a company focused on the whole person, our programs support employees to find the ‘Y’ in their lives, actively pursue wellbeing, and enable them to realize their true potential.

Alyfe is leading the way in providing non-traditional offerings to employers in order to increase the employee’s overall satisfaction with their life. Our expertise in caring for the wellbeing of individuals, organizations, and communities stems from over 20 years of experience and accumulated knowledge in helping clients achieve successful health and wellbeing outcomes.

We support employers, health plans, brokers, municipalities, schools and others responsible for improving the wellbeing of a specific population. Whether you are a single-site organization or a large employer with a dispersed workforce, we can create programming that is the right size and shape for you.

We provide meaningful reports that enable organizations to identify risks, determine areas for improvement, and architect effective wellbeing programs. By developing and executing programs that are highly customized for each client, Alyfe has helped companies realize measurable improvements in productivity, increased return on investment, and reduced healthcare costs.  

Alyfe’s handcrafted strategies and solutions accommodate diverse organizational goals, industry culture, employee demographics, and lifestyle habits. We ensure that that every program is shaped to fit the unique needs of your population and supported by outstanding customer service.

Alyfe employs over 100 qualified health and wellbeing professionals. Our programming is supported by health care staff that are highly qualified in their respective specialties, sound clinical methodologies, and evidence-based research.
Each of our staff meets all the certification and licensure requirements of their respective professions. Our professionally trained and credentialed health staff include Licensed Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses,     Medical Assistants, Registered and Licensed Dietitians, Certified Exercise Psychologists,     CHES Certified Health Educators, Counselors, Certified Life Coaches, Ergonomics Therapists, Tobacco Cessation Specialists and Licensed Massages Therapists.

In addition to being well-qualified in clinical programs, Alyfe staff are friendly and passionate in supporting client needs and resolving client problems. They stay current on the latest wellness trends, identify opportunities for improvement and and make recommendations for program enhancement in order to maximize outcomes.

Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies provides a comprehensive and integrated set of services that range from traditional wellness programs like biometric screenings and personal health assessments to non-traditional programs that focus on the whole-person. Our programming is expertly crafted to align with your specific goals in order to ensure maximum success in outcomes.
Personal Health Assessments , Biometric Screenings, Health and Wellbeing , Portal, Onsite Programming, Challenges, and Lifestyle Coaching.