Our company name "aMagic" is a combination of two words: "a" & "Magic".

"a" is the first letter in alphabets, meaning to be the pioneer.

"Magic", just like the word itself, it's magical, amazing and full of charm.

The Chinese name "一絕", meaning uniqueness. It is originated from a Chinese phrase "堪稱一絕".

Founded in 2009, we have set our company's vision based on our name:

be the first, and be magical.

aMagic is certified global partner of Apple Inc.. We have been providing a wide range of supporting products for Apple’s products, such as iPod, iPhone and iPad. In addition, we have also developed other products, such as Power Bank Series, Capsula Speaker Series, and USB Charger Series.

Company Vision
aMagic strives to be the leader and pioneer in technology industry, and to create numerous amazing unique products. aMagic is determined to offer practical, safe, environmentally friendly, fashionable, creative products with endless innovation.

Corporate Philosophy
aMagic, originated from Hong Kong, has its own independent research and development team. We strongly believe that only originality can lead the trend, and only taking creativity into practice can benefit the society. We pursue to deliver products with: safe, practical, fashionable, creative, and value for money.

aMagic’s pursuit of innovative ideas reflects not only on the products, but also in the company culture. Our young, passionate, creative team with rich R & D experience shows why aMagic is so amazing with its stunning success.

Brand positioning
We position our brand, aMagic, in mid-high end market. We focus on an overall customer satisfaction and trust on our products, in particular: our quality, services, creativity and fashion sense.

Brand awards
aMagic power bank are innovative, 100% original. We have been awarded in many different aspects by various industries, in terms of appearance, functionality, performance, design, and overall branding.