Potential-focused coaching focuses on the whole person, not one aspect with one end goal, such as a career, relationships, or health. Instead the focus is on you as a person. Taking an internal approach you will see your external world change to reflect what you are emanating from the inside. A potential-focused coach will guide you to connect back to your intuitive self, one free from others' judgments, beliefs and agendas. The healing will take place internally to achieve the external changes you are seeking.

Change is hard, but with someone joining you along the way it makes the journey easier. Over many years Amanda has been applying techniques to make intrinsic changes in her own life. These techniques combined with her natural inclination to empathize and care for others and her educational background in psychology are applied to help others stretch toward their best self. People often tell her that they feel comfortable communicating their experiences and feelings with her. Amanda's compassion and empathy have always driven her to help others find relief and happiness in their lives. She practices with no judgment and has worked with all different individuals in various stages of their lives. There is nothing more that she wants than for others to see that taking the time and effort to rediscover their own self and gifts will benefit the world and encourage others to do the same.

During much of her life she would use her natural abilities of empathy, compassion and insight with family, friends, co-workers and sometimes even strangers. When opportunity would arise, she would listen and guide, always with the intention that they are able to find relief and joy in their present circumstances. Ultimately, she discovered that what people are seeking is to reconnect with their own voices. Once rediscovered and the barriers removed, individuals are able to find more joy and peace in their journey.

Amanda obtained her bachelor and master degrees in psychology which prepared her to teach and counsel individuals from varying age groups, genders, and/or socioeconomic backgrounds. Alongside her coaching services she will work as an adjunct instructor (when the suitable circumstances open up) in the Psychology department at SUNY College at Brockport.