The concept for Isossy Children is using African and Asian textile influences to create a designer contemporary collection for girls. It is also about offering exclusive individual limited edition prints in certain styles.

Amanda's venture into childrenswear was first realised in 1994 through a label called Culture Kidz. It was started through a loan from The Princes Youth Business Trust. Amanda says "The experience of doing Culture Kidz was invaluable to me. I had a lot of support and I learnt the basics". Fast forward 15 years and Isossy Children is borne.

Isossy Children is a celebration of colour, vivacity, global influences and fashion. It offers children and parents choice, style and design. That's why many of the peices are limited edition prints. "It keeps our style unique and fresh. We want you to visit the website frequently with the knowledge that our styles and colours will change offering you new choices for all occasions " says Amanda.

Isossy Children is about transcending the cultural barriers and creating collections reflective of our times for global living.