We’re a full service marketing and publicity firm with a specialty in Social Media. We are dedicated to providing the best service to our authors. What does this mean? If you want cookie cutter programs we’re not the right company for you because cookie cutter doesn’t work. We customize everything so that you get the best possible experience from your campaign. We’re also always updating our programs. We were using Twitter to promote our authors two years before anyone knew what Twitter was. We’re on the leading edge of anything related to book marketing. Let’s face it, you have to be. With 1,500 books published every day in this country you can’t trust that just “throwing something against the wall” will get you noticed because it won’t.

Where We Work

We work everywhere. Our offices are in San Diego and New York but our staff is all over the country and so are our clients; in fact, we serve authors all over the world too. Enter Global Village.

Our Authors

We’re very lucky to work with some amazing people. Our authors fall into several categories, in fact we work with authors of all genres but they all have one thing in common: they are serious about their success. Oh, and we don’t take any book that we don’t love. Why? Because we can’t market something we’re not excited about. Could you?

So why would you work with us? Because we’re the best. We say that without being boastful or full of ourselves but frankly, our team is outstanding. We’re the leaders in what we do for two reasons: we care and we have the best and brightest team in the industry. At AME we are a family and so are our authors. We’d love to work with you for all of your books ; and, if you only give us one, we promise to treat it as though it were our own.

Our Philosophy

We’re serious about the success of our authors and you should be too. We also won’t do anything for your book that we wouldn’t do for our own. Our CEO is a branding and packaging specialist who puts her vision into each campaign. If you just want to “write a book” you shouldn’t work with us. But if you want to hire a team that will create lasting success and “package” your book in a way that will get attention, then we’re the right team for you.

Our Biggest Successes

We’ve had bestsellers, we’ve had books that have been optioned as movies, and we’ve even done a celeb book (or two). But our biggest successes aren’t the ones that hit the New York Times. Our best stories are those authors who started without a platform, just their first book in hand, hoping for the best. If we can take that author and get them heard above the noise that exists in our business today, then we have truly done our job. That is success.