Amaterasu is proud to flaunt its Canadian Roots

Vancouver, British Columba, May 26, 2016 – Canada is known as a peace-loving, extremely friendly and welcoming nation. It’s a country that embraces individuality and promotes and encourages creativity and expression. It is also the birthplace to indie beauty brand Amaterasu, who could not be prouder to call Canada home.

The Vancouver based cosmetics line originally launched in 2008 as Geisha Ink and quickly gained critical fame and success with its line up of beauty essentials, including the cult fave, Liquid Eyeliner. Last year Geisha Ink got it’s own makeover with a new name and look: Amaterasu (pronounced AH-mah-tay-RAH-su).  The newly minted brand is about empowering beauty everywhere with a stellar line up of high-quality, long lasting and easy to use beauty products.

The brand was conceived by internationally renowned Canadian make-up artist Sara Au Yeong. She has created a line of makeup embodying products that outperform what is currently available in the marketplace. Her signature cat eye look inspired her to create her first ever makeup product, the best-selling and critically acclaimed Amaterasu “No-Smudge” Liquid Eyeliner.  Eventually, other products were added, including the mega voluminous Ultra Volume Mascara, the all day wear Liquid Brow Liner and the truly long-lasting Eye Pencil.
“Ever since I started in the beauty and fashion industry I have travelled all over the world and as exciting as it is to travel to “cool” destinations, nothing beats the feeling of coming home to Vancouver, which always warms my heart” says Au Yeong. “It is a place I call home and I am so proud that Amaterasu is a Canadian company that I get to share with my fellow Canadians and showcase on the international stage as well.”

Amaterasu products have gained a devoted celebrity following, been featured in countless magazines and blogs including The Kit, Elle Canada and Hello Canada. British Vogue labeled their Liquid Eyeliner and Liquid Brow Liner as Vogue Beauty Obsessions. The Amaterasu Liquid Eyeliner is consistently ranked one of the best selling liquid eyeliners on the market and an essential makeup product recommended by top makeup artists.
Amaterasu is sold in high-end spas, salons and specialty boutiques in Canada and USA and can be found in top fashion cities such as Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is also available online at Amaterasu.ca.


Vancouver based brand Amaterasu (pronounced AH-mah-tay-RAH-su) delivers a stellar line up of high-quality, easy to use beauty products. Make-up professional and creator Sara Au Yeong’s vision has always been focused on creating outstanding products that perform at an optimum level. Each piece in the collection has been carefully planned and developed to ensure outlasting performance that looks beautiful and feels amazing to wear. Whether a make-up artist or beauty novice, the line up offers professional beauty products that anyone can easily use.

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