Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties' Premier Mobile DJ Service - we specialize in music for Weddings & Receptions

We're not like other entertainment companies.  We send out TWO people to your event, not just one!  You get an Emcee to handle all the coordination and making all the announcements AND a disc jockey to play music, take requests from your guests and monitor sound levels.  Someone will ALWAYS be at the music console to give you the piece of mind that you need on your special day!

We're not a large 'multi-op' that won't let you meet your Emcee/DJ until the last minute!  When you meet with us, you meet with the OWNERS of the company and when you hire us, you can be assured that one of the owners will be at your event - not some subcontracted person(s).

We specialize in WEDDINGS and other 'elegant' events.  We don't do kids parties, school dances, raves, frats, sweet 16's, mitzvah's or the like.  We leave those to the others that might specialize in them.  Over 90% of our business is Wedding Receptions, the other 10%?  Corporate events, Holiday parties, Anniversary celebrations and other elegant affairs.

Some may SAY they specialize in Weddings... Test them out... Call them up and ask them if they specialize in "kids parties" or "sweet 16's" or such... If they say they do, then they probably don't specialize in anything!  Then call us and ask us... You already know the answer... In fact, if you are looking for those kinds of DJs we will be happy to refer you to those that ARE specialists in those areas...

Call us and schedule a meeting (no cost and NO pressure) and we'll sit down and go over all the details and design a custom package just for you.  After all, you shouldn't have to pay for things you DON'T want, right?  Sometimes a package isn't really a package, it's just a way for someone to charge more.  We won't do that to you!  With Amazing Sounds you will get what was promised at the price quoted on your agreement.

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