Ambassador Nannies is the leading provider of bilingual on-call, part-time and full-time childcare in San Diego County.  Our experienced  nannies are all carefully screened and background checked, have CPR and First Aid training, and are native speakers of languages other than English.  Our placement experts find the ideal candidates for each family's unique schedule, specific needs and language preferences.  A bilingual nanny can not only provide the most reliable care, but also help your children learn a new language during their formative years, which can have a number of cognitive and developmental benefits. Here is a quick look at some of the nanny services provided by Ambassador Nannies.

Full-Time bilingual Nannies: One of the most prominent services offered by the agency, full-time nannies allow parents to focus on their friendships, careers, and personal time, all while keeping their children out of daycare. In addition to providing a high level of personal attention and care, full-time nannies at Ambassador Nannies cultivate an environment of cultural exploration and language learning.

Part-Time bilingual Nannies: For parents seeking at-home childcare for a few hours every day, Ambassador Nannies offers part-time nannies alongside its full-time services. An ideal solution for after-school care during the academic year, part-time nanny service allows parents to complete chores and pursue personal activities during the afternoon and evening. By taking some much-deserved time for themselves, parents can significantly lower their stress levels and reclaim aspects of their personal lives. Ambassador Nannies allows parents a large measure of scheduling flexibility, enabling them to choose the nanny service that meets their exact needs.

On-Call bilingual Nannies: For many parents, it is nearly impossible to anticipate the need for childcare. All too often, parents grow accustomed to staying in every night to look after their children, often at the expense of their social lives. Thanks to its roster of experienced on-call nannies, Ambassador Nannies provides top-quality childcare services at an hourly rate. On-call nannies from Ambassador Nannies possess years of experience in keeping children safe, happy, and well fed and provide as well an environment of cultural exploration and language learning

School Breaks and Vacations: Unlike the work year, which leaves parents with little time off, the school year features a number of extended breaks. For many parents, staying home with their children during winter and spring breaks simply is not an option. Ambassador Nannies specializes in childcare solutions for school breaks, helping parents secure high-quality bilingual childcare for their children when they need it most.

Special Events: San Diego, which features a number of multinational corporations, research institutions, and major universities, often plays host to international conferences, conventions, and other special events. Guests at these events often wish to bring their children along, but have no way to obtain quality childcare. Ambassador Nannies works closely with hotels and event planners in the San Diego area to provide guests with bilingual, international nannies.