At AmbiScreen, we believe it always makes you feel better when using light effects everywhere in the house. So we created AmbiScreen. AmbiScreen is the most universal standalone ambient lighting for any display and connected device.

We have been selected among TOP 80 Best Tech startups by Pioneers Festival 2015 in Vienna, Austria. Erste Group portrayed us as one of the CEE success stories in their campaign on CNN Europe, The Economist, Financial Times, Bloomberg.

Boost your visual experience while watching movies or playing games and protect your eyes at the same time! AmbiScreen helps to protect your eyes and eyes of your beloved ones between bright and dark scenes and reduces eyestrain.

AmbiScreen is modular and open platform for ambient lighting for any display and TV, gaming console, DVD player, set-top box, PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox or any other device you have in your home.

You can use AmbiScreen with other devices, or even without it, as an autonomous mood light system in your bedroom, living room, in any room, simply anywhere. AmbiScreen is the first design micro-computer ever with an ambient lighting controller and an integrated media center simple plug’n’play for home users, as well as powerful for geeks and game players. Geeks can change almost every part of AmbiScreen device - hardware as well as software part.

AmbiScreen device will be available in two editions: Standard edition and Limited edition. AmbiScreen Limited edition has exclusive design and every box is pure hand-made.

In IndieGoGo campaign our backers have the chance to pick up AmbiScreen device for $149 (Standard edition), some $50 cheaper than the final price. Don’t forget to pick up nice Limited edition for special price, too.

Please, support our Indiegogo campaign at www.indiegogo.com/projects/ambiscreen-most-universal-ambient-lighting-device launching on 1st December, 2015.

Check our videos:
AmbiScreen product presentation

For more videos visit AmbiScreen youtube channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCFokmGG6JvFB0p2w0QFgWsA

AmbiScreen features? Let’s see below:
- Digital: HDMI input/output
- Analog: CVBS/RCA input/output (SCART over RCA)
- Input resolution FULL HD 1080p (up to 4K2K with specific connection)
- iOS remote control (Android coming soon)
- Passthrough device = You don’t need a computer.
- Plug’n’play
- Integrated mood lights and color effect themes
- Protects your eyes (minimize eyestrain) & Better visual experience while watching TV and playing games
- Mood light center for any room in your house
- Integrated OpenELEC media center
- Home-user friendly & Open platform for geeks

iOS app:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ambiscreen/id1048895401
Note: AmbiScreen app contains high-res videos. It works best with high-speed Wi-Fi.

For more information about AmbiScreen visit our website www.ambiscreen.tv
and drop us a line.

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