My name is Richard Yanni; I’m a registered Ambit Energy Independent Consultant and can save homeowners money on their natural gas and electricity bills. Also, if you’re looking for a great home based business, Ambit Energy is it. There are two options to saving and making money with Ambit Energy as your natural gas and/or electrical supplier that I’d like to present to you.

Few people know that the no. 1 fastest growing private company in America is Ambit Energy (Inc.) Their three year growth is a staggering 20,369.4% with 2009 revenues of $325 million. Ambit is a retail electricity and gas provider. They are approved by your state and local utility commissions as an alternative supplier of natural gas and electricity.

Impressive Savings: Enroll today for free and save 7% for two months under what you’d pay without switching. Thereafter, Ambit Energy offers a highly competitive variable monthly rate and guarantees overall annual savings of at least 1% under the incumbent’s pricing or we’ll send you a check for the difference. Most customers earn more. http://www.ry4pwr.joinambit.com

Incredible Rewards: Ambit customers earn rewards points each month that can be redeemed for incredible travel packages, including a cruise to the Bahamas or an all-inclusive Mexican getaway. Customers receive 10 Rewards Points for each therm of gas and 1 Reward Point for each KWH of electricity they use each month.

Free Gift: Enroll today and earn 2,000 bonus points plus a FREE travel voucher, good for a 3-day/2night stay for two at one of 25 exciting destinations across the country. Then collect Travel Rewards Points, good for airlines fares, hotel accommodations and even a cruise!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are so certain that your transition to Ambit Energy service will be flawless; we’re willing to guarantee it. If, for any reason Ambit Energy disconnects your service during the switching process, we’ll pay your first month’s bill. No questions asked. Remember, your local utility is still there to deliver the natural gas and electricity, handle all maintenance calls, provide you with the same bill you’ve been receiving except it will list Ambit Energy in the supplier section of the bill, and nothing else changes for you except your energy rates are lower—guaranteed.

Sign Up Today: Go to http://www.ry4pwr.joinambit.com have your utility bill with you to reference your account number, and follow the few simple steps-it’s easy. If you have any questions, give me a call, I’d be happy to help you with the sign up form.

In these tough economic times, more and more people are starting their own home-based businesses. Ambit Energy gives you that opportunity by becoming an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant. The financial rewards are great and the residual income is considerable (but remember, residual income takes time to accumulate).

Ambit Energy offers you an income opportunity like no other.
Take control of your financial future. As an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant,  you can make money by helping people save money on products they have to buy every month — electricity and/or natural gas.* http://www.ry4pwr.ambitenergy.biz

The Perfect Business. The deregulation of energy markets across the country means you can:  Earn unlimited income, work flexible hours, Get paid in the future for work you do now, Work from home, Spend more time with family and friends

The Perfect Product. Everyone uses energy. You simply enroll customers to use Ambit Energy service and earn income month after month.  No inventory  No delivery  No collections

Save People Money. Help Save the Planet. Ambit Energy offers competitive rates on our residential energy service plans, including Ambit Certified Green plans, which are certified by the Green-e EnergyTM program.

Recruit Other Consultants: Despite Ambit’s phenomenal growth, they still control only 2% of the marketplace. This means that thousands of more consultants will be needed to grow the business. You can share in this growth by recruiting new consultants to the Ambit Energy team of professionals; and get paid in the process. Consult me for details on the compensation you can expect to receive by bringing new consultants into the business. http://www.ry4pwr.ambitenergy.biz

Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have about becoming an Ambit Energy Customer or an Ambit Energy Consultant. I’m here to help you become successful in energy savings and/or consultant start up.


Richard Yanni  
Independent Consultant
Ambit Energy

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