Ambling Books is the creator of an innovative audio player, the Ambling BookPlayer, designed from the ground up for audiobook listening.  The Ambling BookPlayer runs on mobile phones, tablets,  laptops, and desktop computers, and has a unique set of features which are rapidly making it the preferred way to listen to spoken word audio content for a large growing community of audiobook listeners.

The AmblingBooks.com web site offers thousands of free audio books that users can download, or users can purchase popular mp3 audio book titles.  It works with the Ambling BookPlayer which manages multiple audio files as a single book, provides chapter and series navigation, and has a revolutionary smart bookmark history system with undo and redo so listeners never lose their place.  

The AmblingBooks.com web site allows audio content publishers to sell and deliver their audio content directly to mobile phones and other platforms ready for listening with the Ambling BookPlayer.

The Ambling BookPlayer is now available for Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch devices, and Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop, laptop, and netbook computers.  Support for additional platforms is coming soon.