AMBO was founded in April 1999 as a German-Romanian company in Satu Mare, Romania, and provides services in offshore outsourcing and nearshore software development for businesses and  customers in many industries worldwide.

Our specialists take on projects and engage in their development from the functional specifications, analysis, design, until the test phase, installation and maintenance. Our strengths are the ability towards objective analysis, assurance of the projects quality and the mobility and flexibility of human resources. These allow us to approach projects in a more dynamic and fast manner.

The AMBO team has a wide range of technological knowledge.  Our employees are able to use a variety of professional programming and scripting languages, databases, tools and technologies associated with different development methods in Microsoft or Unix environments. Our team consists of engineers with a high level of training. The experience and the level of training are demonstrated by the large number of projects successfully completed.

As a result of its rapid development, Ambo Consulting, founded in April 1999 as a joint venture German-Romanian, in Satu Mare, has opened a branch in Cluj-Napoca, in the following year - 2000.  

During the years AMBO acquired expertise in the areas of banking, insurance, engineering, facility management, telecommunications, healthcare, electronics, oil, and textile industries, security industry, research and tourism.

The quality management system of AMBO meets the requirements of international standard EN ISO 9001:2008. The ISO 9001 certification by the International Organization for Standardization is an internationally recognized quality standard, which is a process oriented and internationally recognized quality management system.

For AMBO the primary goal was and remains the satisfaction and business success of their customers. The most important task is the perfect understanding of the needs of every customer and developing lasting partnerships based on trust and professionalism. As a final result, this will  improve the customer's competitiveness, thanks to the use of the highest quality IT technologies.
The properties of the Romanian software industry make it particularly attractive to European small and medium-sized businesses wanting to move to the development of software projects on request.

The obvious advantages of the nearshore software development in Romania, that you can take into consideration, are:
   * The Romanian specialists are seen as creative and bold, they have good language skills and have experience in custom project development .
   * The costs are up to 75% lower compared to the price of similar services in Western Europe.
   * Since 2007 January 1th, it is easier and safer to work with Romanian companies, as Romania is one of the EU member.
   * Romania is part of European culture and civilization.

Either is nearshore or offshore software development, AMBO provides high-quality work  and offers its clients:

   * fulfilling the expectations of functionality and performance
   * the usability and security of the application
   * compatibility
   * functionality and adaptability of the proposed solutions
   * transparency and optimum price
   * complying with the deadline

AMBO guarantees  the quality of any activity associated with software development projects (analysis, production of documentation, design, development, testing, installation, instruction, maintenance) through:

   * technical leadership
   * team spirit
   * excellence-oriented corporate culture.

Seriousness, experience, expertise and adaptability are the qualities that recommend AMBO as trusted partners for the development of offshore and nearshore software development.