At the Ambrosia Treatment Centers, we believe that a comfortable, nurturing environment is key to our patient’s success in addiction treatment recovery.  Spiritual, mental, and physical wellness is necessary for the transition to a new way of life.  

We are licensed and insured by the State of Florida to treat addictions of all types.  We at Ambrosia have experience treating not only substance abuse but the mental illness that often goes along with it, sometimes called a "co-occurring disorder" also known as dual diagnosis.

Our florida drug rehab clinical staff is second to none, with each member having over 20 years experience treating substance abuse and addiction treatment clients from all walks of life.  Each has their own specialty and style that complement “our team” of dedicated professionals.  Being small (20 beds) enables us to treat the individual and not give “cookie cutter” therapy to our drug rehab clients.

Ambrosia is a primary Florida drug rehab and alcohol treatment center with the average length of stay being 30 – 60 days with longer stays available if necessary.  

Clients are provided a comfortable, compassionate, and nurturing atmosphere, where they are able to participate in their own recovery with little or no distraction.  Our goal is to create a foundation in addiction treatment recovery in Florida, setting the ground work for long-term success, and a return to a life without drugs or alcohol.

Our drug rehab clients reside in tastefully decorated luxury homes and private waterfront apartments which are neatly appointed with all the comforts of home. Amenities include gourmet kitchens and private pools at all residences.