AMD Law specializes in international trade law, internet law, international property law, and corporate compliance trade regulations. Our organization strives to meet all of our clients’ needs on a domestic and worldwide basis.

AMD Law is one of the premier international trade law firms catering to the domestic, international and born global organization. Focusing on trade regulations on a global basis, our attorneys and experienced professionals monitor trade disputes, market accessibility, as well as domestic and international general import and export compliance.

AMD Law was founded by Aurelia Mitchell Durant, Esquire. Our attorney and professional staff's legal expertise coupled with a passion for our clients’ establishment into the international market provides a unique perspective to international trade law practice.

The increasing demand for protection of areas such as domain names, databases, trademarks, copyrights, and patent ideas have called for an effective approach to managing international property. The staff of AMD Law are expertly trained to provide a personalized service, as well as to protect our clients’ intellectual property globally and at home.