The Bridge is a foundation for peace and prosperity, joining the people of America and China together.

If humanity is to survive, the great global challenges require partnership between China and America. The Bridge is a potent symbol of joining, because it demonstrates reaching out, the unity of opposites. As leaders of business, science, culture and media from both nations, we choose friendship and co-operation.

With hands joined, we can lift the world into abundance. Separate, our competition could ravage the earth.

The world needs America’s commitment to freedom, to limitless youth and opportunity. The world also needs China’s deep wisdom and expansive energy, as the oldest civilization.

Our common ground is wide — and our contrasts are stimulating. This is the inspiration behind America-China Bridge.

A key initiative of The Bridge is establishment of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute. During several key decades at the center of China’s leadership, Zhou Enlai established a reputation for principled, honorable and humble service. He courageously led the way to opening China to the West through the visit of President Nixon to Beijing, and stood for international peace and co-operation.

As a hero of peace, Zhou Enlai deserves worldwide recognition alongside other great figures of recent history. The immediate family of the former Premier is helping to direct this project, including his niece, Zhou Bing De, his eldest nephew, Zhou Hua Zhang, and his grand-niece, Zhou Xiao Fang.

The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute is a non-profit organization which is sponsored by America-China Bridge and many other organizations and individuals.