America First Investment Advisors is an investment management & financial planning firm in Omaha, Nebraska.  We are from the Old School. We put our clients’ interests first and consider ourselves stewards of the assets placed in our care.  We don’t sell investment products and don’t charge commissions.  Our only compensation is a quarterly management fee.

Building long-term relationships with clients is important to us.  We listen, offer our best advice, and act as a partner and ally.  Our personal service means we stay in touch.

We use a disciplined approach to stock and bond investing, one that features independent research and judgment.   We read a lot, ask questions, and carefully consider the merits of potential investments.  Our concern with owning the right kind of investments at the right price means we’re willing to be out of step with the market.  We think this rational approach offers the best opportunity to build wealth over time.

America First Investment Advisors LLC is an employee-owned, independent investment advisor registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).  Find more information about us in our Investment Brochure on Form ADV, filed with the SEC.