American Art Classics specializes in beautiful collectible commemorative dollar bills, such as the famous One Million Dollar Bill. These finely detailed non-negotiable bills are of the same size, look and feel of real currency. These unique collectibles, which required hundreds of hours to create, are printed in bank note multi-colors on both sides of the bill and have been handled as un-circulated mint currency. These bills are truly American classic art at its best! These collectible bills are used to promote special occasions and to help us remember significant events. Our bills make outstanding gifts and conversation pieces.

About Our Products
Have Fun With Our Product: Our "Funny Money" Bills are sold as novelty items for enjoyment purposes. You can use them for many things: Give a waitress a One Million Dollar bill as a tip and watch her expression. Give a themed bill to that special someone, such as the Mother's Day bill to that special mother-in-law! Show your appreciation to a military veteran by giving them one of our Armed Services Honorary bills. Use our bills as sales tools. Your customers will remember you more if you give them a special commemorative bill with your business card - much more than by a business card alone. Use our collectible notes as teaching aides to home-schooled children. Each themed bill tells its own story. Fund raising events - buy our bills in quantity and resell them for $1.00 each to raise money for your school, your volunteer fire department, your library, your soccer club, for just about anything! Profits can easily be more than 500%! Sell them in your gift shop or other business to increase profits! Enclose a bill in an order shipped to your customer as a novel way to show your appreciation. Frame a bill of special interest and hang it on your wall.