American Automata is an art studio dedicated to the creation and construction of mechanical art, or what we aptly describe as "kinetic storytelling." Humans seem fascinated with motion. If we were to install a piece of mechanical art in a busy urban square with an openly exposed hand-crank, there are very few people that would pass by without turning the crank, and those that didn't had thought about it. Once they start turning the handle, they become one with the machine. Part of a dynamic, interwoven process set into action by the simple motion of their hand. It's a basic, but very magical experience.

The term “automata,” is plural for automaton. Derived from the Greek word automatos, “acting of one’s own will.” It is frequently used to describe non-electronic moving machines, especially those that have been made to resemble human or animal action. In contemporary jargon, it describes the theory behind the symbolic computer languages used to command robotics and other forms of automation.

Similarly, using spoken language as the basis, American Automata integrates numerous interconnected components into mechanical constructions, that when put into motion visually tell the story of an individual, a company or an event. Whether it's a kinetic portrait for a private collection, a corporate identity piece, or a promotional tool for an event or launch, kinetic art provides a unique, dynamic and whimsical alternative to static art forms.

We will be documenting several projects over the next months and will be sharing them on this website and on our Facebook page, and will be making progress announcements over Twitter. Please stop be periodically and check out the progress.

Turn the crank!