American Capital Planning, LLC

FEE-ONLY - Fee-only means we limit conflicts of interest.  If we were to be paid by selling you products (insurance, annuities, loaded mutual funds, etc.) don’t you think you’d walk out of our offices with those so we could eat?  Being paid only by the client for honest advice means we can speak objectively for your highest benefit.  We do not accept commissions or compensation from any source except clients.

FLAT FEE - Flat Fee means we charge based on the complexity and scope of work involved with working on your behalf.  If we charged a percentage of assets and we both agreed it was best for you to pay off your home, but doing so meant the firm would take in less income as your portfolio was reduced to pay off your home, shouldn’t you wonder if our advice is colored by that outcome?  We charge flat fees because after 25 years working with clients we know how much work is involved and your flat fee will only be raised over time when additions to your plan or accounts increase complexity, or our business costs rise materially.

FIDUCIARY - Fiduciary means we put your interests first.  Period.