The American Complaint Center is an American Consumer reporting community by American consumers, for American Consumers to file and discuss complaints against businesses, government offices and individuals in America. Unlike the Better Business Bureau or any other government regulatory agency, all complaints, comments, reviews, discussions posted in this online community are available for anyone in the world see.

The American Complaint Center does not guarantee that all complaints, reviews, comments about businesses, government offices or individuals are accurate, therefore we recommend that you make your decision based on a careful review of all available information including Court Records, your local BBB Office etc.

By filing a Complaint on American Complaint Center, it's almost like creating your own web site which will be discovered by millions of viewers.

Complaints you can file at the American Complaint Center includes complaints against:
Businesses (including Employers)

In addition, to posting on the American Complaint Center Community board, you can also feel free to email relevant photos, videos, copies of lawsuits or other pertinent information that is related to your complaint.

To contact us for any reason, email us at uscomplaintcenter@live.com