American Medical Care, a medical tourism agency, is proud to have a team of the accredited surgeons who execute the best surgery programs. With the expertise in performing various types of surgeries, our staff is always ready to serve the medical tourism patient at any time. We have a special attention to this field and offer you the best pricing on all the surgeries. Our group of surgeons believes to be authentic and active during each surgery. And, thus, we provide the most advanced surgeries in Maryland and other locations in the US.

We specialize in different kinds of surgeries, such as- general, plastic surgery, weight loss, neurosurgery, orthopedic, eye, cardiac, pediatric, vascular, and other specialized care assistance. So, if you are in need of medical treatment abroad, then you can contact us.

Plus, our lab also contains the set of all the latest and tested equipment that is safe to use. The clients’ satisfaction is our #1 priority. Thus, we provide you the best in the affordable rates!