Who said everything's made in China?
American Pretty Boutique is committed to bringing you affordable fashion made right here in the USA. It's as simple as the name..."pretty" things made in the United States of America.
We all love our roots and traditional styles, so American Pretty combines the fashion of the day with our back home style! But the most important thing is that there's nothing "p
rettier" than patriotic women wearing gorgeous clothes.
I have searched high and low to bring you only American-made apparel and accessories. So shop away, guilt-free. As Americans we can make the difference in the manufacturing of American goods. Let’s create the demand! Be proud, wear American-made apparel and support the country we love. Because made in America matters!
I am so committed to bringing you American-made products that all my shipping and office supplies are also made here in the USA. And if there is ever anything to the contrary I will always let you know up front. You can put your trust in American Pretty!
"God bless America, land that we ladies love!" ox