Retired Firefighter Dwight Saxon of Wellington, Florida is Founder of American Underwater Drone Services. Dwight is a retired firefighter from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue with 30 years on the job.

American Underwater Drone Services will provide the following services through out Florida, Caribbean and the United States.

Ballast Tank Inspections
Bridges & Culvert Inspections
Dam Inspections
Environmental Assessments
Boat & Ship Hull Inspections
Marine Life & Habitat Studies
Maritime Salvage Inspections
Mooring Inspections
Small Item Retrieval
Pipe Inspections
Portable Tank Inspections
Reservoir Inspections
UNWILD Inspections
Water Tank Inspections
Wreck Diving
and more .....

In the near future we will be establishing a 501-3 C Underwater Search & Rescue and Disaster Underwater Drone Response to help agency's, cities and governments and citizens search for missing persons etc.