Established in 1997, BrainstormUSA, grew out of its founder's passion for helping children cultivate their natural curiosity and love of learning, combined with the belief that supporting the home-school connection can make a difference in a child's education.

BrainstormUSA is the exclusive provider of programs for the home such as Orchard and PLATO – systems you'll never see in a retail store.   These Core Curriculum programs are used by some of the best schools in the country and correlate to the curriculum used by your children in school.    They also prepare your children for those very critical tests they will be required to pass to advance to the next grade.

In addition, we provide Guided Edutainment, which consists of a range of educational titles carefully selected by our scholastic analysts. We work with top educational publishers in order to find best-in-class programs for your children.  Through fun games and activities, these programs cover a range of skills and knowledge that will help them develop creativity, problem-solving skills, visualization, deduction and the type of curiosity for knowledge that allows them to get ahead of their class, and excel in multiple aspects of their life.

At BrainstormUSA we can help you anywhere you live in the continental USA.   We are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and have major distributors in Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Miami and have offices and representatives to cover most areas.   Please call us or fill out a request for more information and we will have someone contact you within the next few days.

All of our educational programs and products are the very best in the market today. We offer user-friendly personal computers, software from industry leaders for family use, character education and PC-training videos, English language learning and other products for Hispanic customers, as well as print and video-based programs for elementary through high-school students.

An integral part of the BrainstormUSA philosophy is to "give back" to the schools, children and families who cross our paths on a daily basis. The "Dare to Dream... Expect to Succeed" Scholarship program helps us do so. This program was developed to help show children the value of visualizing their dream, setting goals, sharing their hopes and ambitions, and having the self-confidence to communicate their vision.

College scholarships are awarded each quarter of the year, and personal computers with educational software are donated to each scholarship winner's school and teacher. In addition, personal computers combined with educational programs, as well as software bundles are also awarded to the next tiers of winners. Please click here to learn how to participate.