AmeriWeb Hosting designs and hosts web sites for businesses and organizations on our own leased servers.

All sites on these servers are managed from our main NOC (Network Operations Center) here in Chicago, with auxiliary NOCs in Naperville, IL and northern Michigan. We have technicians at all 3 locations who work on support related issues during scheduled times. We also have a 4th NOC under contract located in Canada should it ever be needed.

Our company started as a small commercial print shop in the middle 80s and progressed into graphic arts. In the early '90s we sold our printing presses as the print industry underwent a major contraction that continues to this day. We refocused our efforts, concentrating on graphic arts and design work for the trade. Designing web sites is a natural extension of graphic arts and uses many of the same skills we developed over the years..

Today, we run servers and host for small and mid sized businesses and organizations. Our design staff creates custom artwork for web sites, and our copywriters put the message on the site.

While we've completed work for many large corporations including some big names, it is the small business market we are happiest in, and can demonstrate the biggest increase in sales for. Add $100,000 in sales to a billion dollar corporation and it almost isn't worth the effort. Add $20,000 in sales to a small business and the change is huge!

We are easy to work with, and offer a warranty on all of our designs. Hosting is reliable, we guarantee it, and we offer several different marketing programs to choose from.

We look forward to beginning a new project with your business or organization. Call us for a free quote and to discuss ways to keep your project within budget.

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