Since entering the world of content marketing, Ardor Media Factory has established a name for itself across the globe. Now the company is setting up its third location in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.

Kris Reid, the CEO of Ardor Media Factory, brings promise to the multi-national strong company that boasts the power of content marketing and online reputation management.

"We're very excited about the new direction our company is going through," Kris explains, also dubbed the coolest guy in SEO through search terms. "Our vision is delivering jaw-dropping content for our customers and I think we can deliver that in the heart of Cambodia."

In between the two extra locations Ardor Media Factory is based at, Cambodia was deemed the perfect setting for the next step in the company's journey. Ardor Media Factory provides various services for big name companies such as Sponsored Linx, SEO Success Melbourne and Grow Smart Marketing.

John Doyle from Host It Ltd. said that Ardor Media Factory's marketing services "have been fantastic," adding that he would have "no hesitation in recommending Ardor Media Factory and plan to use them for our new sites as well as we're going forwards."

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