AMG Autolease Ltd based in Doncaster, has been operating within the car leasing industry sector for over 40 years, however AMG has been trading within the motor industry since the early 1900’s. Armthorpe Motor Group, AMG Pearson and AMG Automotive services are all companies which have been in operation until the Car Leasing side of AMG was established in the early 1970’s, originally it was called Random Cars Limited, meaning they could supply every make and model until the abbreviated AMG Vehicle Contracts and later AMG Autolease came into operation.

AMG now under the control of Iain McLennan who alongside his team continually invests to ensure the AMG names and car leasing business continues to grow.

AMG operate across all sectors and types of finance, a customer led organisation our success and longevity has been formed and retained by our strong customer service ethic and our constant attention to detail.