At AMG Snacks, we are dedicated to creating delicious bites for individuals who want clean, on-the-go snacks for themselves and their families. Our energy bites are made with a short list of high-quality, real ingredients including dates, nuts, oats, and different all-natural flavorings! Each bite is perfectly portioned and packed with healthy fats, fiber and protein to help get you through the busy day. We focused on texture and taste to achieve a satisfying snack product that is filling but won’t leave you with a sugar crash because of the all-natural ingredients. Our bites are shelf stable, preservative free, non-gmo certified, vegan, and gluten-free.

When Amanda started her career in finance, her job quickly took over her passion for a healthy lifestyle. Between traveling and long days at the office, she needed easily accessible snacks to keep her going. After trying different products left her unsatisfied, she went into her own kitchen and started trying recipes for all-natural, super tasty snack bites! Friends and coworkers enjoyed them so much that she decided to follow her passion and launch AMG Snacks