Formation of a Forum for Indian Food Importers was initiated by couple of like minded Importers of Food Products into India in August 2009.  Rounds of initial interactions and deliberations lead to formation of group by eight key importers as a platform to interact on regular basis to share & resolve common issues. A few such interactions was all that  required to agree all on need to formalize the platform….and Forum of Indian Food Importers - FIFI was in place by end of 2009.

Our Forum FIFI represents Food & Beverage Importers from India. The objective of the FIFI is a common platform for promoting, encouraging & Supporting Food Importers from India and for development and facilitation of Trade.  We wanted an organization to highlight issues like Non Tariff Barriers, High Customs Duties, PFA laws, Inter-state Taxations & Borders Laws. The forum also wanted to present a united front to the Different Government bodies, Business forums, trade commissions & International chambers.

We as FIFI liaise with various government agencies to undertake a review of Import Policy Regulations and Food Labelling laws to reduce the regulatory burden on food importers without compromising State Revenue , Consumer Health & Safety. Such a review in fresh perspective would provide manifold growth to the general trade leading to improved GDP

Food and beverage companies operate today in an altogether new environment which is very different to that a few years ago. Some of the old paradigms, such as importing inventory to forecast and limited number of product categories, are no longer viable. The changing demands and fashions of the consumer market mean that food and beverage importers cannot plan on the basis of a long product life and innovation has become a critical factor for survival. Critical issues facing this industry include: increased levels of regulation in the form of quality, documentation; demands for variety and innovation; low profit margins; and shelf life management.

FIFI is already associated with Trade organisation like SUSTA , Foodexport USA , UK trade Commission , Trade organisation of Ecuador , Columbia , Spain and many other organisation.