Amnesty for Abuse is …

...a voluntary program for families who are already abusive or are afraid they are heading in that direction because of abuse in their past. They wish to escape the cycle of abuse—in a non-judgmental way that keeps them out of the legal system—before heinous crimes are committed.

... a holistic, body/mind/spirit method of therapy that addresses all facets of the human condition and family dynamics in order to help all family members to heal and be healed. The family works together to stay together, if at all possible.

... a program that works as an alternative to the legal and CPS systems, in order to keep people out of the courts and in their homes.

Amnesty for Abuse is a program created by Stacey M. Kananen and Lisa Bonnice, her biographer/co-author. Stacey is a survivor of heinous abuse, which resulted in the murder of both parents at the hands of her brother, who was also viciously abused. It is her belief that if a program like Amnesty for Abuse was in place during her childhood, both parents would be alive, her brother would not be in jail and her devastated family would have been spared years of anguish and terror.