ANANTAYA is the globally recognized interdisciplinary lifestyle design studio of Ayush (designer) and Geetanjali (architect) Kasliwal based in Jaipur, India. ANANTAYA’s parent company AKDPL (Ayush Kasliwal Design Private Ltd.) is an innovative design company undertaking projects, product design, and collaborations around the world. ANANTAYA is committed to the development of innovative ideas through understanding theimportance of preserving traditional crafts.

ANANTAYA creates home accessories, gifts, lighting, furniture, textiles, tableware and more. Rooted in ancient craft practices, our collection is infused with Indian culture and a sense of place while being designed for a contemporary international lifestyle. Our products appeal to both the discerning eye and the human heart. Through passionate business practices, working with skilled artisans, ANANTAYA redefines existing local craft traditions and artisan communities by providing design, technology, capital, and creative collaboration. ANANTAYA products received the UNESCO seal of excellence for both 2007 and 2008.

At ANANTAYA, we believe that crafts can be a part of our everyday life, and that crafts, like any other industry, can be a source of meaningful employment. We practice fair trade, promote the empowerment of women and support artisans’ livelihoods through innovative designs and processes.