Andrew Harvison is a highly qualified coach, competitor and gun fitter with more than 47 years of experience in the industry. Andrew is one of the founding members of the UK's Association of Professional Shooting Instructors and author of many published articles regarding shotguns and technique. Throughout the year, Andrew offers lessons in both Calgary, AB, Canada and in the UK.

When you seek Andrew Harvison out for coaching, whether it's to learn proper gun fitting or a safety lesson, you know that the knowledge and experience is invaluable. Trained in firearms, ballistics and ammunition Andrew offers many courses for others to gain the same in depth, knowledge and skill. Andrew has won numerous British and English National titles in Sporting Clays, Skeet and Trap shooting, and was selected as the England Sporting Team Captain in 2010. Not only does Andrew have a passion for helping others, but a passion for the entire industry. He recently resurrected Holloway & Naughton Gun makers that date back from 1909, bringing back a quality gun designed for any individual need and preference. Andrews history and dedication to the gun industry sets him apart from all other coaches. In a sport where many voice opinions, Andrew's are backed up by competitive achievement, hands on expertise and the skills of actually designing and making English Shotguns: as a competitor, gun fitter and coach he is an uniquely qualified educator.