Android Tablet, a Google Android Tablet, is now available at a low factory direct price from NearbyExpress. The perfect electronic gadget for dropship sellers, wholesale importers, and DIY hobbyists who want to experience the excitement of Google Android and tablet computing convenience.

NearbyExpress offers you tow newly tech gadgets of Android Tablet at factory direct price, namely Flytouch 2  and SuperPad (8 or 10 INCH Touch Screen).

Wow! A new wholesale priced 10 Inch Android Tablet, called the “SuperPad”, direct from the factory for Dropship Sellers and select DIY Hobbyists who know the value and potential that is available from the new generation of china android tablets being introduced to the market now.

Meet the world’s newest 10 Inch China Android Internet Tablet – the Superpad. This Android Tablet merges the power of the Android OS with a 10 inch touchscreen to bring you the best portable web, email, multimedia, ebook and gaming experience possible. Here are the highlights of this richly featured product:

Google Android: There is a reason why this new OS has taken the world by storm. Simply put, Android 2.1 provides a portable environment allowing you to quickly and easily do everything you want with a touch of your finger. Access all your favorite Google Applications (like gmail, docs, etc.) and also download an almost unlimited number of Android Apps at the google market online store, allowing you to easily customize the SuperPad Tablet into the best portable computer you have ever owned.

Superior Hardware: With a 1 Ghz processor, 2Gb of memory, and a high resolution 10 inch touch screen display (1024*600, WXGA, 16:9), this baby will even make all of your friends (including Steve Jobs) jealous.

Multimedia: Watch movies, read ebooks, play games, listen to music, take photos, it’s all here!

Internet Connectivity: Browse the internet, access your email, IM and chat with friends, read your favorite RSS feeds, and anything else you do with your windows laptop computer you can do with the SuperPad Android Tablet!

”Life Partner”: Life partner? YES! Better than a girlfriend or boyfriend (and costs a lot less), the SuperPad can help you find where you are going (GPS), keep you entertained and satisfied at night for hours at a time (multimedia and games), and does everything a laptop computer can do, but in a more convenient form-factor. Actually, it is so convenient you can even place it on the pillow next to you when you go to sleep at night.

Factory Direct Quality and Price: With the SuperPad Android Tablet you are getting something that really is better than most of the other China Tablets on the marketplace today. This means that as a reseller you are going to be able to offer a “Tech Gadget” to your customers that runs the world’s hottest new OS, but comes at a low china wholesale price that can't be matched for its quality build and hardware specifications. In particular, if you are a Dropship Seller you really owe it to yourself to order a sample for yourself to see how good the SuperPad Android Tablet really is. Then you will want to feature it on your stores frontpage as well as list it on eBay, Amazon, and anyplace else where you are selling online because this baby is going to make you a fortune!

Product Summary

   * “SuperPad” Google Android Internet Tablet
   * 10 Inch Touchscreen
   * Multimedia Powerhouse (movies, music, books, games, more!)
   * Pre-loaded with all your favorite Google software
   * Download up to 100,000 third-party apps through the Android Marketplace
   * Built-in mic, speaker and camera
   * Connects to TV via HDMI cable

Android 2.1 Based on ARM11, up to 1G Hz of the Tablet will easily keep up with your every action and command. Browse the internet by WIFI, watch movies, read ebooks, send emails, chat on Facebook, play your favorite 3D games - do whatever you want, when you want. Built-in 3800mAh Li-polymer battery to stand 6~7h using and standby. Built-in 2G NAND flash and maximum 32GB TF card supported. TV out lets you view the Android Tablet on your large screen TV.