Commodity traders today face a dizzying array of choices. Futures markets have become instantly interconnected through global online trading and electronic marketplaces. We are a second generation trading firm with experience ranging from blackboard trading on Jackson St. in Chicago, to the publishing of electronic trading systems for public use as well as proprietary algorithms implemented at the firm level.

Here at Commodity & Derivative Advisors, we know what traders want. Traders want instant access to live quotes, news that's relevant to today's market activity and brokers who can answer their questions clearly and concisely.

All of our clients have complete access to the following:
•     FREE Live quotes and charts from the ECBT, Globex, and ICE.
•     FREE Live bid/ask on electronic markets......including options
•     FREE online order entry platforms Web OE or RJO Vantage
•     FREE proprietary research from industry veterans
•     FREE institutional research from R.J. O'Brien

Let us offer you some new world tools to go with our old world values.