The Anemos Group offers a full range of services to help you increase the profitablity of your business.  Are you properly positioned in the market place to take full advantage of profit opporutinites in today's economy?  Are you identifying and avoiding the common mistakes and pitfalls that threaten the long range profitablity of your company?

"You probably can't work any harder than you do right now, so you'd better learn to work smarter!"

Anemos Group is comprised of experienced professionals from a broad spectrum of business disciplines.  Together we can analyze your organization to identify both opportunities as well as potential pitfalls?   All Growing things have one thing in common; they are changing.  The stategy that moved your business forward for the last 5 years, most likely won't bring you through the next 5.
Anemos Group can analyze your educational requirements and design customized program that will maximize your return on training investment. We will then assist you in effectively implementing your customized program throughout your organization.

With over 25 years experince in training design and delivery, the Anemos Group is ready to craft a customized training program for your organizaion.  We work with your sales force to design effective sales presentations around your procucts and services.  We will then instruct your sales force in proven presentation and closing methods. The Anemos Group is also the exclusive developer of the Purpose Focused Training system - an educational system whose every aspect is designed around achieving the specific goals of your organization.  Not a "one-size-fits-all" program based on the lowest common denominators of your industry, but rather a cusom plan focused on maximizing the impact of your training dollar.  

"Doing the same thing over & over again and expecting a different result is one of the definitions of mental illness"...  Isn't it  time for a change?