Angela Merola is a seismic energy force specializing in outrageous, positive change. She helps individuals get “unstuck” through connecting their own voice to achieve goals in leadership, entrepreneurship, profits (social, spiritual and financial) and businesses development.   Angela sees the authentic, thriving, joyous, successful person struggling to marry that inner reality with practical life and she helps them get there.

In her presentations, workshops and one-on-one coaching, Angela shares her unique approach to transforming “stuck” into “renewable” energy.  “The brilliance is in the approach” says Angela, “and you can use the approach to overcome anything!”  In 2008 she was selected to be on the American Society of Interior Design distinquished speaker program and is one of the most requested speakers.  Speaking topics include:
■Profits:  What’s Communication Got to Do with It?
■Transforming Difficult Situations into Relationship Strengthening Opportunities
■Unlocking the Mystery:  Business Growth in Turbulent Times
■Intentional Living:  Reclaiming Balance, Passion and Purpose
■Will the Real YOU Please Stand Up:  Finding Your Path and the Courage to Live It
■Client Magnet(ism):  Tools to Attracting Clients

Angela cultivated her breakthrough approach through 25 years of business experience with Fortune 50 companies like Verizon and DDB Needham as well as family owned businesses like Nordstrom and “Barney”.

Angela earned a BS degree in psychology from Oregon State University with focus in business administration and marketing.  She has traveled to six continents.  She has extensive training in conflict management and certification in facilitating creative thinking, intuitive development, focus group and effective meeting management.  “My role is to be an instrument in supporting the unique unfolding of the human spirit and assist in transforming barriers into clarity in all aspects of one’s life.”