Angel Consulting Group, Small Business Solutions Division has the business owner in mind.

We help our clients from concept through completion.

Starting from scouting out locations, through display and lighting, loss prevention, etc., we will be able to increase profits while reducing cost.  We will be there with you to help find the right solution for your specific needs.

We work with non-profits, retail shops, small boutiques, restaurant management and operations.  There are some instances where a specific job function can be done at an outside location.  This will reduce cost and increase efficiency.  Look into our Virtual Programs described below.

We are dedicated to the concept of increasing profitability while reducing cost.  We try to use local merchants and manufacturers to fulfull your needs whenever is the most cost effective solution.  


With over 30 years experience in freelance writing, writing articles, press releases, bios,  spec sheets for manufacturers in almost any industry, you will find that our writing staff is professional, exact, and time sensitive.  All information is verified prior to print and our investigative team is thorough and accurate.

From the Entertainment Industry to the Plastic Industry.  From Music Press Releases to a story for the community newspapers, ACG will create that excitement and get the attention that your product or services deserves.  

Our personal one on one service guarantees client satisfaction. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.